Neratov - Bärnwald

The first written mention of Bärnwald dates from 1550. From a wooden church to a place of pilgrimage of great importance.

World War II, the expulsion of indigenous peoples and the end of the Bärnwald era.

In 1989 beginning of the new history of the Neratov.

The Neratov Association. Who we are.

Association was established in 1992. Neratov association renews the life in formerly abandoned village Neratov, at the Czech-Polish border. Here the association offers home and work to people with disabilities, and the facilities and education for children with disabilities.

The Neratov Association is located in the mountain village of Neratov, in the Orlické Mountains.

The location of Neratov in the map.

Our mission and vision:

  • Together with people with disabilities (not only for them but for all of us) renew displaced village and repair local church.
  • Provide people with disabilities housing and give them a job.
  • We have 250 employees, of which 190 employees are people with disabilities.

Main activities

  • Operation of protected living and day care center for people with mental disabilities.
  • Operation of various protected workplaces (traditional craft, agriculture, services of general public facilities – shop, restaurant, accommodation, care of green vegetation, laundry).
  • With trained assistants, we give people with disabilities a chance to realize themselves in a real job that interests them and fulfills at the same time.
  • The association is one of the biggest employers in the region, at current standings there are 190 people from 250 with any kind of disability.


Thanks to social entrepreneurship in various fields, we offer varied work for people with various disabilities. We offer the support for protected workplaces, in the form of adjustment of the extent of contracts, psycho-social support and also we offer the possibility to choose the direct fit position for each contract holder.


Social entrepreneurship is the means to finance social work and help those in need.

Neratov Association as a social enterprise

Organizations in the Czech Republic can be called  social enterprises , fulfilling 5 principles of social enterprises:

  • A socially beneficial goal - employment and social inclusion, more than 30% of people at a disadvantage of the total number of its employees.
  • the social benefit -integrate disadvantaged and disabled people into everyday life, involving employees in the operation and direction of the company.
  • Economic benefits - Every social enterprise must commit that 51% of any profits will be reinvested.
  • Environmental benefits.
  • Local benefits - Social enterprises are focused primarily on satisfying local demand.


We have obtained the “Work for the Disabled - integrative social enterprise ” mark which guarantees fair working conditions for people with disabilities and the quality of the products at the same time.

Sheltered Workshops, Kopeček“ Traditional handmade crafts

In 2006 - ramshackle former farmhouse was reconstructed and became the shelter of our activities.

The products have been awarded with the certificate “Orlické hory – Original product” which guarantees the origin in our region and the compliance with the traditional production processes.

In ceramic, weaving, sewing and basketry workshops, we employ more than 35 people with disabilities.

Organizing craft fairs full of music and themed refreshments, in which other regional craftsmen take part too.

Social farming

Social Farming provides people who use services with the opportunity for inclusion, to increase self-esteem and to improve health and well-being by taking part in day to day farm activities.

Horticulture in Neratov and Žamberk

Other protected workplaces

Assembly workshops

The Kitchen

Cleaning works (Naděje – Hope)


Background for pilgrims - The Pub, The Shop, the Neratov Cottage

What we have done for 30 years

  • After the 2nd world war in Neratov lived only two people – now there are about 60 inhabitants.
  • The church was repaired and the pilgrimage tradition was restored.
  • We have created facilities for people with disabilities such as protective housing and protective workshops.
  • The development of social business and agriculture — one of the largest employers in the region.

The Association is the founder of a special school for children with disabilities.

The latest development projects in Neratov


Social/ event house „U Proroka“

Restoration of The Divoká Orlice river bridge

The Tourist Information Center

Our future plans

  • Developing social business and agriculture.
  • Helping other groups – seniors, children with disabilities.
  • Cultivating area around the church.
  • Educating our employees and clients, and passing our experience on to other associations.
  • International cooperation
  • Building up retirement house for our employees as well as a therapy center

Contact us

Sdružení Neratov, z. S.

Bartošovice v Orlických horách 84

517 16  Rokytnice v Orlických horách.


How Neratov helps Ukraines refugees

Helping Ukrainian refugees as best we can …

Since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Neratov Association has been trying to help people who have fled the war. We first allocated shelter capacity and then began coordinating comprehensive assistance to refugee families who came to our region. Currently, 41 people are involved in the project. We are providing shelter to 34 of them. We are providing them with basic food and supporting them in integration, education and employment, including those who have found accommodation thanks to the municipality of Bartosovice in O.h. We hope that this will help them and alleviate this terrible situation.

What is our specific assistance?

We continue to try to offer free accommodation in our shelters in Bartošovice O. h. and Neratov, including services. We want them to save up money for a fresh start.

Basic equipment and clothing
We are gradually equipping our shelters with basic electrical appliances, home textiles and other small furniture, thanks mainly to the help of small donors. We have set up a makeshift clothing and toy shop in the basement of our information centre. Here everything is sorted and prepared for distribution and with.

We have offered various job opportunities in our workshops to all newcomers. Before the war, some of the women had their own trades. Therefore, we would like to offer conditions for our own craft production (candles, toys, we will develop cooperation for a joint e-shop), we are identifying other employment opportunities in the region and will recommend others. Currently, jobs have been arranged for waiters and waitresses, unskilled work in the craft workshops on the hill (mainly cutting and preparing other materials), in the nursery and laundry.

Further support and integration
Transport and assistance with registration, with the authorities and the employment office, with visiting the bank, with setting up a bank account, with social benefits, with finding and securing a doctor. Accompanying and transporting to small shopping trips, getting prescription drugs. We offer psychological and psychosocial support. Assistance for people with disabilities from Ukraine.
We help with enrolling children in school and, thanks to our contacts, can arrange with the principals of nearby schools to keep commuting to a minimum. Based on the interest shown, we will offer Czech language courses for adults at the cultural center in Bartošovice. We are looking for teachers.

How can you help us?
If you pay into the transparent account 3095566309 / 0800, VS: 24222, we will use the funds mainly to cover overheads - energy, fuel, but also for small purchases and essential household equipment as well as food and beverage.

By orders for our handicraft enterprises, where women from Ukraine have also found work. It is already possible to place orders for Christmas, for example. With larger orders, we can better plan production and maintain and possibly expand jobs for both our target group (people with disabilities) and Ukrainian refugees. Pick up or order or pre-order beer from our brewery ( By subscribing to our other services (, by visiting a pilgrimage site together with shopping or refreshments (, by purchasing products from our craft workshops (


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