1. Volunteering

One day, short-term or long-term cooperation. They will provide you with accommodation and meals.


Mgr. Vít Novák

+420 732 292 099


Volunteers can help in the following areas:

  • Workshop (pottery, basketry, tailoring & weaving)
  • Organization of cultural and religious events
  • Support in the school for the disabled/special school
  • Garden and grounds maintenance
  • Gardening and kiosk in Žamberk
  • Catering and shelter kitchen
  • Parish

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2. Buy products

Online shop: All products from the sheltered workshops can also be ordered online via email: or by phone: +420 731 604 084. They are also sold in the online store

Opening hours of the store in Kopeček:

Monday to Friday 8:00-12:00 / 12:30-18:00

Saturday 9:30-17:00

3. Excursions in sheltered workshops

It is always necessary to place an order in advance at +420 731 604 084 or Special offer for schools or how to diversify teaching and "expel" pupils and students in the open air. All Kopeček products have "Orlické hory - original product" and "Work for the disabled" certificates.

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